About Payebiz

Payebiz - We help build and manage wealth in the digital economy through e-commerce, POS and in-app payments management for local and the global markets.

With our extensive background in the digital economy market and globalization, with a strong presence in the US, EU, and Africa, Payebiz is the perfect strategic business partner you can count on.

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Glodigit - By Web and Cloud LLC, the tech company from Miami, Florida


Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Web and Cloud LLCthe devoted tech-enabled firm that has been on the global market since 2003, is the backbone behind GlodigitDialect.techPayebiz, and many free cloud-based tools that are inspired by your needs.

Web & Cloud LLC strives to empower, bridge gaps, and help you take advantage of the digital economy and its tremendous potential, to have your own share of the market, thrive and help underprivileged people in your community move from surviving to thriving; regardless of your background and location across the globe. 


Background and what we believe

As a mission-driven company with extensive knowledge of the digital economy market in both developed and emerging markets and globalization for more than 16 years, our background, innovation, and restless efforts have given us a competitive advantage on the global market.

Since 2003, we use business as a force for good, we are not competing to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. We believe strongly in the power of unification, inclusion, empowerment, and shared-opportunity. 

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Company contact details:

  • 66 W. Flagler Street, 
  • Miami, Florida, 33130
  • BC:  L18000149080
  • Tel: +1.7868054900